30 Day Challenge – Day 1: 5 Ways To Win My Heart.

So in her last post, Gee described my blog in her sunshine award as: 

Tega: I love the simplicity of this blog, I love that there is hardly ever a stale post on this blog. If you leave Tega she will update 10 times a day sef. She reminds me of a photographer, they see something and capture that in picture immediately, I feel she thinks of something and blogs it immediately. Like her blog doesn’t have a theme to me, if I had to theme it I guess I;d theme it Tega’s brain. LoL–Plus she’s a good friend too.

I giggled the whole time. I love it!!! Heehee. I am very random aren’t I? Oh well. *shrug*

Finally decided to start the 30 Day Challenge. 

*Hops on Bandwagon* Hey Y’all. 

1.   God Fearing: You know the daily struggle to walk down the path of righteousness alone is already hard. A guy who’s already after Gods’ heart can easily have mine. Someone who can help me grow in the world or who is willing to learn and grow together. Someone spiritual. That’s my hearts’ desire.

2.   Ambitious: I feel like ambition and hard work go together, yes? While I do want a guy that’s already well off, one of those ‘I’m chilling of daddy’s money’ type guys will not work for me in the long haul. A guy who has dreams, ambitions and long term business plans for himself? Yes.

3. Chillability*: I like guys that understand that sometimes just being in the same room with you is ok. The ability to just be while watching a movie or listening to music without expecting me to talk ALL the time is awesome. Conversation is not always necessary.

4. Humor: I like to laugh. Now I’m not looking for a Basket Mouth or anything. But if you have a decent sense of humor and know how to make me smile/laugh? We’re good to go.

5. Attractive: “It’s not only about the physical, personality counts too” Pft! I can’t even shout. I pray to God, constantly, that my husband should be an attractive man. I mean, yes, an attractive package with useless insides is just a waste. But still, *In African-American Ghetto accent*  I want me a fine looking man.

5..   5.5  Moral Compatibility: A guy that understands some of my moral life choices and is willing to respect them? Awesomeness.

*Yes I made up a word. Deal with it.