30 Day Challenge – Day 2: Something You Feel Strongly About.

Ok. Look. Something I feel strongly about is just HARD. I’m a dramatic person. I run on short bursts of high emotions. I feel strongly about everything I have an opinion on. No. Seriously. I can’t think of one thing. Soooo…. I’m going to make a list of a bunch of random things as they come into my head. *Shrug*

A child’s right to be protected and taken care of. Children are fragile. They’re very impressionable. Seeing children barely clothed and starving on the street breaks my heart. Seeing children in good homes being ignored and given no love breaks my heart equally. Don’t have kids if you can’t handle them.

I think if less people had pre-marital sex more marriages will last longer. Read this for more insight if you’re interested.

I believe everyone should be given a chance to follow their dream no matter what it is. Everyone deserves a right to be happy.

I detest how easy it is for a female to be torn down. Women are fragile. Young women especially. Mostly about their physical looks. And the younger generations of guys these days are so easy to analyze and judge the female form. Not every girl out there is self confident enough to handle such criticism.

The words “too many” and “shoes” do not belong in the same sentence.

These are some of the things that make the world go round: Chocolate cake, plantain chips, cheesecake, cereal, shoes, a well made pizza. Yes. I feel strongly about these things, if you tell me they do not make the world go round you will be banned from Tega world. *shrug*

Ok I’m bored with this now. Bye.