30 Day Challenge – Day 29: Five (2) Weird Things That You Like.

Well…. *sigh* I can only think of one right now. But since I’ve been scolded by at least 3 of my readers for the shorts posts during this challenge *side eye at all of you* I’m going to go away and think of more….

It’s been about 3 hours and I can honestly only think of 2 weird things I like.

1. Tinkerbell
I can’t even explain this. I honestly don’t even think there’s a reasonable, rational explanation. I just love her. She’s so cute and adorable. But she’d also a sneaky bitch. Oh wait. People have described me that was before. Could that be it? I see myself in her? LMAO! That would be hilarious, no? 
But really it’s weird cause I don’t think I’ll out grow it and I am not ashamed of it. When I’m old and married, I’ll express my love for tinkerbell vicariously through my little girls that God will hopefully give me. 
I have a tinkerbell throw/blanket thing that I absolutely love. My co-workers once gave me a tinkerbell mug cause they knew how much I love her and that was the ONLY kitchen item I saved when I moved. 
I’ve long since stopped trying to figure out what exactly it is that I like about her. 

2. Being in my under wear/Matching underwear. 

You know how a lot of people are like they hate wearing clothes they’d rather just be naked? Yeah, I’m like that. Except I love being in my under wear. Like you don’t even understand. 
My friends (female friends) have called me weird on numerous occasions when they see me in a set of matching underwear. They don’t know how I have the time to match. But I can’t explain it. Being in a set of matching pretty underwear even though no one gets to see it makes me feel… Sexy, confident, comfortable and all around happy. Like life is good when I’m in my underwear. Unless I’m doing some 5 for $25 deal at V.S. of a pack of 5 for like 4 pounds, I always shop for under wear in matching sets.
I think all females should endeavor to wear matching underwear. Not for guys, after all guys don’t see me in my underwear and I still do it. But for your self. I swear your body looks sexier in the mirror when your under wear matches. 

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  • Giagerry

    Day 29!!!!
    Tega u know I should get an award for keeping up with ur challenge tho? #justsaying
    And LOL at ur matching underwear thingy–maybe one day i shall get there.

  • MzTega

    Award ko, award ni! I kept up with yours and didn’t request an award. Don’t be greedy! :p