30 Day Challenge – Day 4: Bullet Your Whole Day

8:00: Woke up mad late and waaayyy to early. I don’t fancy mornings. Couple of hours too early for a Saturday morning but my cousin graduated from LBS today and I had to pick her up first.

9:25: Left home. Mad late. My cousin’s graduation was meant to start at 10:30 in Ajah and I was still going to Ogudu to get her.

10:15: Got to Ogudu, picked up my cousin who wasn’t very happy. *shrug*

11:10: Arrived at LBS and just existed through the ceremony. Waited around for my cousin to get done saying hi and what-not. I don’t like waiting for people. I was mad irritated.

12:40: Went to visit my cousin who lives in Ajah (5 mins away from LBS). I don’t get to see him a lot because he’s so far away from home and I love his kids, 2 boys. The younger one’s my name sake. 😀

Sometime after 2: Left Ajah and stopped at Palms to pick up some things. My cousin met this gorgeous American guy. I made her talk to him. He really was gorgeous y’all. First when I saw him in basketball shorts, a t-shirt and slippers I knew he wasn’t Nigerian. Nigerians like to show too much, they won’t leave their house looking like that. He was buy all these healthy looking food and veggies, said he was going to go cook. Guys that cook? (Y). I hope he and my cousin hit it off though.

Sometime around 4: Called up my home girl I was meant to meet at Dolphin but she wasn’t answering so I jejely carried myself back to my father’s house.

5:05: Stopped at sweet sensation to get food in case there was nothing at home. Plus I was craving snail. Had plans to go home, eat and sleep… But somehow….

5:20: Watched Burn Notice and Ate.

5:30something: Found out Amy Winehouse was dead.It’s sad. Obviously I did not know her but it’s a loss of talent. I was rooting for her ‘clean up’ and release of a new album. Say no to drugs children. Just say no to drugs. May she RIP.

6:13: Typing this and listening to Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black and tweeting. I don’t understand how human beings can be so insensitive about death. Does it really matter the cause or reason? It’s a loss of life. Precious life that only God can give and take.

6:18: I don’t know what I just did for 5 minutes but plans for the rest of the night include clearing my bed, watching burn notice, tweeting and sleeping. Hopefully all before 1am.

Tomorrow’s my daddy’s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! *wiggling bumbum* I bought those sparkly candles for his cake today. J