3LRChallenge: Drinking your 2 Liters

Drinking 2 liters of water every day is hard. It’s easy to get swept up in life and forget to take care of yourself so I’m sharing with you today a few apps that will make drinking water hopefully easier for you.

Water Logger Screens (1)Water Logger – Free

This first one is on the Windows platform and it’s the one I use. With water logger you can set the initial time during the say when you want to be reminded to drink water and then the interval of notifications and what time you want your last notification to be. So take me for example, I have my first reminder set for 6:30am, every 2 hours after that and ends at 9:30pm. Each time you drink water, you can record it in the app and set the amount of water you drank. You can also set your target amount and if you have live tiles on your phone, you can see on your homescreen how close you are to your target in percentage.

dwater1Daily Water – Free

This app is on the apple platform. Seeing as my ipad has been acting up the past few weeks, I didn’t get a chance to play with it. With this app, I know you can set specific times when you want a reminder. So if there are certain times in your day when you always have down time, you can set your reminders for those moments so you’re not tempted to ignore your notifications.

Drinking Water – Free

This one is for my android users. This app calculates by cup, you set the number of cups you want to drink in a day and then set the start and end time for notifications. Your notifications are calculated according to the number of cups you want to drink and the start and end time. With this app, when you turn your device horizontally, it shows you a bar graph of how much you drink daily, when your device is vertical, it shows you cups in numbers. I figure with this app, if you have a specific container that you use to drink water, you can base your cup on that


Drink Water – Free

Blackberry users, here’s an app for you. Now unfortunately, all the water drinking apps I found are for the BB10 only, so I’m sorry if you have a different bb. Well, this is another one I didn’t get to toy with because I don’t have the BB10 so I’m just going to share a link to the website, try it out and see if you want to share a review with our other participants. Click here for the DL site.

I can tell you that above all else, one thing that makes drinking your 2L easier is buying a 2L container and carrying it around with you, that’s what I do. When you have all your water with you on hand, all you have to do is keep chugging and you don’t have to keep refilling or going to find water.


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