3LRChallenge: September Plank Challenge

Sept ChallengePlanks are awesome, no seriously, they really are. They have always been my quickest go to full body workout. When you plank, you feel it in almost every major muscle group – if you’re doing it right. For the month of September, we’ve created a plank challenge for you guys. To be entered into the weekly giveaways for a chance to win Oyin Handmade’s mini whipped pudding and Honey Dew, share a picture of yourself doing your plank. There are not limits to how many times you can enter, just make sure you tag your pictures on twitter or instagram with #3LRChallenge hashtag.

This challenge was set up for beginners. So if you can already plank more than 15secs, don’t start at 15secs. Start with your comfort time and increase accordingly.

Let’s get healthy!