Who exactly is a Social Hermit?

I teach + inspire girl bosses to live healthy holistically.I am! And I bet if you think about it, you’ll realize you are too!

Hi, I’m Tega (pronounced tay-gah). Student by day and blogger all the time. When I’m not creating inspiring content for Social Hermit, I’m working towards my doctoral degree in counselor education and supervision. I’m a Jesus lover, yoga practitioner, and dessert aficionado.

I enjoy going out and being around friends, but I also love staying in bed reading a book or watching a show. (I’ll watch pretty much any show that’s currently airing).  I love getting dolled up, but most times, prefer laying around in my comfy clothes. As much as I like to “turn up” with the best of them, I have a deep love for my bed. Heels and dressy shoes make me happy, however, I love soft, cozy slippers and socks that make my feet happy.  Eating healthy is a way of life, but I’ll never say no to dessert; my sweet tooth knows no bounds. I’m a living oxymoron!

I started practicing yoga consistently 2 years ago. Once I began to see physical results from my yoga practice, my love for it really blossomed. Now, my passion is to help other women develop their own home yoga practice. The benefits and convenience of yoga make it the perfect way for busy women to stay physically healthy. I love that you can practice almost anywhere, and with little to no equipment necessary. I also think of it as the most holistic form of exercise as it helps improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and spiritual health if you want it to.


Every day, I try to live a life worthy of my Heavenly Father. I share God’s word and prayers as a way to encourage women to develop a relationship with God by spending quality time in Bible Study and Prayer. I teach and inspire girl bosses to live healthy, holistically.  These posts also help me grow in my personal walk with the Lord.

I’m so glad you’re here, and I hope you find some inspiration and encouragement as you look around.

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Let’s do healthy, holistically!