Feeling Inspired: Bible Journaling

Feeling Inspired: Bible Journaling | socialhermit.me
Image Source: The Thinking Closet

I’m so excited to get you feeling inspired today; this post isn’t about a specific blog, but rather a specific concept: bible journaling!

I discovered bible journaling via pinterest durring one of my regular forrays and I was immediately gripped with intrigue. There were all these wonderful, beautiful pictures of people (mostly women) getting creative and doing artwork in their bible. Page after page of bible verses being brought to life via color and creativity. There are so many images online and even a #biblejournal and #illustratedfaith hashtag on social media.

I have to be completely honest, my first thought was a mixture of fear and envy: “I wish I could make my bible look like this! It’s so freaking gorgeous but I am not art inclined at all!” and those feelings are still lingering in the corners of my mind, but my God has not given me a spirit of fear. I’m slowly suppressing those feelings with determination. Once I’m settled I plan to get some art supplies, a journaling bible, buy some books on creative lettering, watch some YouTube tutorials and get to creating!

First up: Rebekah is running a challenge over at her blog; she shares videos every Tuesday showing her creative process. I plan to join her challenge once I’m situated with my supplies. Once I saw this image I just knew it was Romans 12:2, absolutely love this verse, it was my first ever digging deeper post.

Feeling Inspired: Bible Journaling | SocialHermit.me

Now, let’s not get confused here. Bible Journaling, from what I’ve researched, isn’t just about artwork. It’s about spending time meditating on the word of God while illustrating in it. It’s a way to bring the word to life for you and there’s no wrong way to do it. In addition, I haven’t ben inspired strictly by the bright, colorful illustrations. Kari over at Stone Soup for Five, does her bible journaling in a separate journal and does it in one color and I totally love and I’m inspired by her cute little illustrations. She has a great way of summarizing chapter and sells journal and doodle bible studies Sidenote: I’m totally open to receiving her bible studies as gifts 🙂

Feeling Inspired: Bible Journaling | SocialHermit.me

So far, it seems like the movement started with Illustrated Faith, and there’s an article with 4 practical tips for getting over the fear of getting started. If you’re anything like me, this article is great to add to your tool box of determined thoughts to overcome the fearful thoughts.

Feeling Inspired: Bible Journaling | SocialHermit.me

Time Warp Wife has beautiful images and a nice video tutorial with a tip for cursive handwriting.

Feeling Inspired: Bible Journaling | SocialHermit.me

I hope you’re feeling inspired to interact with your Bible in a new way!

What do you think? Are you already a part of the movement? If not, do you think you’ll be trying it out? Leave me a comment, let’s chat!