First Entry.

I have a blog now…YAY! This should be fun. Except knowing me, I’ll be consistent for a week and then forget blogs even exist…Oh well…We’ll see how it goes.
I’m in Lagos, Nigeria now. Might be here for a few more months. God help me. I don’t know how I’ll survive. The last time I lived with my parents for more than 2months was 10 years ago. I wonder if I still remember how to do it.
You know what I miss the most about Arlington, TX apart from my friends…Bakers. I feel empty w/o a new pair of shoes in my closet. Sigh…
  • wow! i read every single post! I like! you were wrong, ur a good blogger and also a very regular one….well done:)

  • Awww, thank you! That means so much, cause when I’m typing sometimes, I get worried that it comes off as random ramblings with no real structure… Thank you. :-)

  • Yup…I just read most of them too. Some people just can’t be bothered to comment ..don’t mean we’re not reading tho lol :)