Green Smoothie Recipe


I don’t remember when exactly I discovered green smoothies, might have something to do a picture on instagram at some point,  but I do know that I love them. The idea of me getting in fruits and veggies that are healthy for me in a delicious form truly is awesome. I usually resort to Simple Green Smoothies on their website or instagram for recipes, but there are quite a few times when I just throw stuff in my fridge together and hope for the best. And it it’s not the best? I just add some honey. Lol.

The other day I did some throwing together and came up with something truly epic. This recipe came out so deliciously great, I just had to share the recipe on here.


1.5cup watermelon

1 cup mango

1 cup orange juice

1 whole peach

2 tbsp. greek yogurt

2 leves kale


Blend orange juice and kale together.

Add other ingredients and blend

Pour in a glass/cup/jar and enjoy.