Hair Favorites: Leave-In Conditioners and Deep Conditioners

Moisture is a major part of keeping natural hair healthy, I swear I feel like a broken record, but seriously, I can’t stress how important conditioner is to the health of your hair. As such, conditioner is a key part of your hair care regimen. Today I’m sharing a couple of my favorite leave-in and deep conditioners.


I wasn’t always great with deep conditioning my hair; as a matter of fact I skipped that step in my hair care for a good long while. But I have to say, once I started deep conditioning again, my hair started staying moisturized longer. My first favorite deep conditioner is a homemade one:

1 cup greek yogurt + olive oil + honey


The first time I tried this mix, I was in hair heaven. Ok no, wait. My hair was in hair heaven. Llet me start from the beginning. There was a time I used to try twist outs all the time, they would come out wrong on the regs, but I kept trying. I saw pictures of those natural hair bloggers with their luscious definition from a twist out and I wanted that! But every time I unraveled my twists, my ends where dry, crunchy and stuck to each other. After I used this deep conditioning treatment, my hair came out of twists nice and soft. Sidebar – I still didn’t have all that definition because I just think my strands are too fine for twist outs. This deep conditioner worked magic on my hair; I didn’t detangle before I used it and all the tangles in my hair fell out once I stepped into the shower. My hair stayed moisturized for almost a full week, it was wonderful. Now I feel silly for going so long without using it again.

The most recent deep conditioner I’m trying out is actually a store bought one, Organic Root Stimulator’s Hair Mayonnaise. I’veonly used it twice so I can’t give a comprehensive review just yet.

Leave-In Conditioners

I don’t really experiment with Leave-In conditioners, I’ve been lucky enough that each one I’ve tried has worked wonders for my hair and now I have 3 in my rotation that work wonders for me. I can’t do a separate blurb for each on because it will honestly end up being the same exact thing for all of them. They give my hair life. After a wash, on extremely dry hair, after spritzing with water… Every time I apply my leave-in to my hair, I hear the hair angels sing a harmony. My hair goes straight into cotton candy mode, hand in hair syndrome sets in and I fall in love with my hair all over again.

Giovanni’s Direct Leave In conditioner was the first leave-in I tried, and I stuck with it for a really long time cause it worked so well. Then, when I went into my Oyin Handmade phase, I tried their Hair Dew and fell in love. Of my 3 conditioners this is by far the one with the best smell. Finally, Shea Moisture’s Curl & Style Milk, I was skeptical to try this at first because I had a bad experience with another Shea moisture product, but I’m glad I gave it a shot ’cause my hair loves it.