Are you struggling with how to start practicing yoga at home?

Start Your Yoga eBook | The ultimate guide to help beginners start a home yoga practice. Imagine stepping on your yoga mat and knowing exactly what poses to practice and how to link them to create a flow. 

Start Your Yoga eBook is a 21-day guide that helps you begin your own yoga practice in the comfort of your home.

What’s inside the eBook?

30 foundational yoga poses with step by step visual guides
5 flows combining the poses learned
3 videos connecting the poses together
15-minute bedtime flow

10 minute Toned arms flow
Information on yoga history
Top tools to use in developing your home yoga practice
Tips for modifying poses and more

Start Your Yoga eBook | The ultimate guide to help beginners start a home yoga practice.

Investment for Start Your Yoga eBook is  $19.99 $14.99

What are people saying?

“Whether you are a beginner, merely curious, or have practiced before, Start Your Yoga is the perfect companion for developing a quality home practice. The daily pose detail and demo video, makes me feel as if I have my very own yoga instructor in the comfort of my home. This has been the very best resource to keep me focused and encouraged on my yoga journey. I am so glad I found this program. Do yourself a favor and sign up.”
– Kim C.
“Start Your Yoga eBook actually helped a lot. The pictures of the poses and short in-depth explanations on how to get into those poses were extremely helpful, a bit more than the random googled pictures of yoga poses. This has helped me a lot with my workout and fitness program and I’ve been able to advance to the intermediary part of yoga.Thanks to this eBook and the videos, I feel stronger and have better posture and balance. I still refer to the Start Your Yoga eBook for a pose or two (chaturanga, chaturanga and chaturanga lol) when I feel like I didn’t get it right. It also has the random facts about yoga, myth-bursting which is a really nice plus. This book is a good investment.
– Nkoli.

There’s a ton of yoga information out there, but figuring out where to start can be overwhelming.

Start Your Yoga was created to solve this problem. After working through this eBook, you’ll know how to properly execute 30 yoga poses that lead to increased flexibility, strength and balance. These 30 yoga poses and 5 video flows will help set a strong foundation for your home yoga practice. You will learn how to link poses together using transition poses to help you start creating your own flows.
For less than the price of 2 yoga classes, you get 5 different flows (videos), 30 yoga poses with step by step instructions and modifications, plus foundational information that helps you improve not only your physical body, but also develop well-rounded knowledge of yoga.

What you get after using Start Your Yoga:

Increased flexibility
Increase in overall strength and balance
Better awareness of your body alignment
Well-rounded knowledge of yoga foundations and history

 About the Author

Hi, I’m Tega, a national certified counselor, and yoga consultant. I specialize in helping busy women build their home yoga practice and deepen their relationship with God.
Starting my home yoga practice was initially a struggle because I couldn’t figure out what resources were best, what poses to practice, when to practice and so on. Through some trial and error, I finally have a system that works and I’ve developed a consistent home yoga practice. Now, I enjoy helping other people develop their own yoga practice in the comfort of their homes.



Investment for Start Your Yoga eBook is  $19.99 $14.99


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Start Your Yoga eBook | The ultimate guide to help beginners start a home yoga practice. With 60+ full color pages, 30 yoga poses with step by step guides, and 5 yoga video routines, engage in a slow and steady development of beginner yoga poses. Yoga pose modifications and theoretical foundations are also included. You'll be equipped with 30 yoga poses and 5 yoga routines at the end of 21 days.