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Have you been curious about yoga for a while now, but not sure where to begin?

Do you love yoga but can't find the time in your busy schedule to practice?

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed by all the yoga information out there?

If you aswered yes to any of those question, Start Your Yoga is for you!

Yoga has a lot of awesome benefits.

But figuring out where to get started however can be overwhelming.

Deciding what resources to trust and utilize can leave you feeling confused.


I had the same struggles when I began my practice years ago. Now that I've developed a system that works, I want to share it with you.
Starting and maintaining a home yoga practice can be challenging. That’s why I've created the start your yoga challenge. With this challenge,  I'm easing you into your home yoga practice with 21 days of beginner yoga poses.

#StartYourYoga is for you if:

You’re looking for a form of physical activity that benefits your body AND mind.
You want to develop a home yoga practice but don’t know where to start.
You’re ready to start your home yoga practice but don’t have time to commit to a full practice, yet.
You want to join a community of other yogis to keep you accountable.
You’re ready to start living healthier!

What you’ll get when you sign up for #StartYourYoga: 

- A downloadable pdf calendar to keep you accountable over the next 21 days
- A daily pose in your inbox with a downloadable step by step poster
- After every 7 days, you'll get a video showing how you can link the 7 poses you've learned into a flow.
- Learn about the yoga foundations.
- Exclusive discounted access to a challenge upgrade.



 What people are saying:

"I enjoyed the flows and putting everything together"
"I didn't want it end!! Thanks! I tremendously enjoyed the Start your yoga challenge. I wish we could have a series for each month of the year!"
- Tunrayo
"Enjoying the start your yoga challenge! Love having a pose and flow to go into each day! Much needed addition to my training."
- Leisa
"My favorite part of the start your yoga challenge was being introduced to the yamas & niyamas of yoga"
"I enjoyed the consistency and growing intensity of the poses.. On the first day as I stood in mountain pose, I wondered how standing still was yoga..."

Who are you working with?

Hi, I'm Tega! I teach and inspire girl bosses to live healthy with yoga and Gods Word.

Hi, I'm Tega (pronounced tay-gah), a national certified counselor and yoga consultant.
I specialize in helping busy women build their home yoga practice and deepen their relationship with God.
I started my yoga journey in 2010 after getting curious about it. I watched a few YouTube videos, practices here and there, but didn't stay consistent. In November 2014, I decided to recommitt to my spirtual and physical health and I started practicing yoga regularly. Since then, I've developed a consistent home yoga practice and watched my myself grow stronger, more flexible and self aware.
Starting my home yoga practice was initially a struggle because I couldn't figure out what resources were best, what poses to practice, when to practice and so on.
Through some trial and error, I finally have a system that works and I want to share it with you. I enjoy helping other people develop their own yoga practice and I hope to complete my yoga teacher training within the next couple of years. Join me in building your home yoga practice over the next 21 days.
Questions? Answers. 
When does Start Your Yoga begin?
#StartYourYoga LIVE began on January 1st, 2016 and continued for 21 days.
When you sign up today, you'll get your first pose of the day tomorrow.
Do I have to know how to do yoga?
No! That’s the whole point of #StartYourYoga
Going through this challenge will ease you into yoga in a safe and encouraging way.
What if I’m not flexible for yoga?
That my friend, is why you need Start Your Yoga .
Practicing yoga increases flexiblity.
Am I too old for yoga?
Absolutely not! Yoga is for all ages.
Am I too big for yoga?
Nope, again. Yoga is also for all sizes.
How much do I have to pay for all these?
By the end of these 21 days, you’ll have knowledge about 21 foundational yoga poses and 3 yoga flows to start your yoga at home.
What if I still can’t do the poses after getting the step by step guide?
That’s why we’ll be doing the daily periscopes! We’ll show you how to do the pose and answer any questions you might have.
What hapens when I sign up?
You’ll get a welcome packet that includes information for participating, and your downloadable calendar right away.
The first pose of the day AND a step by step pose guide will be in yourr inbox tomorrow.

More Questions, comments, or concerns?
Contact me at

Disclaimer – I am not a medical doctor. Please consult with your doctor before starting a new physical regimen. While these are all going to be beginner level poses, there’s always risk of injury involved when yoga isn’t practiced correctly. Yoga should not be used to replace regular checkups with your physician

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